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It is estimated that there are approximately 1 trillion microorganism species in the world, but 1% of these species have been discovered and identified [1]. However, it is thought that there are 111,111 different types of bacteria, but 27% of them have been identified and only 0.1% of these defined bacteria could be integrated into various areas of the industry as a result of R&D studies [2] [3]. The most important reason for the low rate of integration to the industry is the nature of microorganisms, especially bacteria, that are not resistant to external conditions. 

At this point, the aim of Chivalric & Regulus Biotechnology is to make microorganisms resistant to external conditions by coating them with patented nanoencapsulation technology and to integrate microbial solutions into the required areas of the industry by carrying out R&D activities to produce solutions to the problems experienced in various sectors. 


[1] TAKE A NUMBER, Earth May Be Home to a Trillion Species of Microbes; NY TIMES
[2] Whitman WB, Coleman DC, Wiebe WJ (June 1998). “Prokaryotes: the unseen majority”. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 95 (12): 6578–83.
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Get to Know About Probio.co

Creating probiotic foods and beverages is very difficult due to the nature of probiotics that are not resistant to external conditions. Therefore, almost 97% of the probiotic products in the market are in the form of dairy products. However, probiotics in spores form are used to give probiotic properties to some foods. In some studies show that these probiotics lose their effectiveness, especially in the face of heat and acidity.

At this point, with Probio.co, we ensure that various foods gain probiotic properties and we aim for people to have easy access to both healthy food and probiotics. In this direction, we enable food producers to expand their customer segments by functionalizing their products with probiotics, and we also enable them to customize various food products according to their niche health benefits with the help of probiotics.

On the other hand, we provide probiotic products for functional food producers with external conditions, while reducing the initial cost of probiotic required for product stabilization, we also enable probiotic users to meet the expectations of a large number of probiotic species in food.

Applications Include

Types of Coffee (Instant, Ground, Turkish) and Coffee Sauce


Juices & Smoothies

Dairy Product

Food Supplements



Gummies & Confectionery

Ice cream

Why Probio.co is Unique

With Probio.co, we are changing both probiotic consumption habits and the food industry from top to bottom. Probio.co is the name we have given to probiotics with nanoencapsulation technology. In addition to being at least 30% more resistant to external conditions than their counterparts, Probio.co remain alive on the shelf for up to 1 year, do not change the taste of foods, and reach maximum bioavailability in the human body with their controlled release feature. Thus, it enables the foods that consumers want the most to gain functional qualities with probiotics.

Also Probi.co Unique

Probiotic microorganisms can be divided into primary and secondary probiotics according to the health benefits they create in the consumer body. For example, while some of the Bacillus probiotics are only effective on diarrhea, some Lactobacillus probiotics may be effective on depression, gastritis, sleep problems and even fat burning. [4] [5]

With Probio.co, we enable the customization of foods according to different benefits and the positioning of more than one different probiotic microorganisms in food in an unprecedented way. For example, a tea producer who wants to add people who do spores to their customer segmentation enables them to expand their customer segment by integrating fat burner Probio.co into their product. Thus, we offer high profitability with differentiation in the sector.

[4] Jaclyn M. ‘’Lactobacillus fermentum and Lactobacillus amylovorus as probiotics alter body adiposity and gut microflora in healthy persons’’. Journal of Functional Foods: 116-123

[5] Hun, L. (2009). “Bacillus coagulans significantly improved abdominal pain and bloating in patients with IBS”. Postgraduate Medicine. 121 (2): 119–124.


How is Probio.co's Nanoencapsulation Technology Different From Spores and Vegetative Probiotics ?

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What’s Say Research

Human population constantly suffers from digestive problems.
People are positive about having probiotics in foods and say they will use it.
By qualifying a specific food with probiotics, it is predicted that consumption will increase by at least.
People who do not use probiotics at the moment are warm to the use of probiotics when they contain probiotics.

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